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Framework Laptop on Fedora: How is it.

20 Mar 2022

Why a new laptop, and why a framework ?

So, I bought a new laptop !

Actually, it’s not for me. My mom have a 7Y old 17" XPS laptop, Good i7 CPU, 16GB of DDR3 ram, a new SSD and a new battery (they were swappable at the time). She only do lite word processing, email, web browsing and file management on it…
So it was and still is quite enough for here. It should have lasted another 5y easily and everyone would have been happy about it.

But no… the BMS on the motherboard died 4Y ago and there is no repair program from dell whatsoever…
This left my mom with a laptop unable to charge, tethered to the wall. Plus it was bulky, at the time she insisted on getting a numpad, but 17" was too big to carry.

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