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Bringing back Radio-france into LMS

19 May

For those of us who rely on Logitech Media Server (LMS), now known as the Lyrion Music Server, to stream music and radio throughout our homes, a recent change threw a wrench into our routines (if you are french). In April 2024, the partnership between Radio France and TuneIn came to an end, leaving many users without access to their favorite French radio stations.

Let’s fix that !

The official announcement from Radio France’s mediator sheds light on the situation.

In light of the recent change, Paul Webster’s Radio France plugin for LMS emerges as a valuable solution. Developed back in 2019, this plugin has quietly existed, largely unnoticed. It quickly restores access to Radio France stations, offering users an easy fix. You can find the plugin on Webster’s GitHub repository here. If you find the plugin helpful, consider showing your support by starring the repository.

Implementing the fix is straightforward. Head to your LMS plugin manager, search for the “Radio France” plugin, and install it. At the time of writing, the current version is v0.4.12. After installation, a quick server reboot is all that’s needed.

With the plugin activated, you’ll find a new “Radio France” button in the default Radio submenu of your LMS interface. This simple addition brings back access to your favorite French radio stations, and add some extra “archive” allowing you to catch up on the emission you’ve missed.

This was a really quick post, i hope it help !